How to Perform Step down Transformer Lamp Repairing


There are manufacturers across the world offering premium transformers repairing services. This post is about repairing the lamp of step down transformer at your own. This project will require the components of the lamp- bulb, transformer, and base. Apart from this, you will also require a soldering iron, power strip, and a little multipurpose tool used by technicians.

What’s inside the black box?

One of the lacking of the design of transformer lamp is the remote transformer inside a plastic box. The transformer is placed halfway between the ends of a power cord i.e. approx. 6 ft long. Transformer is a heavy component that the manufacturing company might have had a better design with reliable packaging. When the plastic case was unboxed, experts observed:

  • Damaged plastic black case
  • Step down coil with magnetic core
  • Fractured output connector
  • Primary side coil hardwired to AC power cord

Steps to Follow:

  1. Remove the potting material and access the leads of the primary side coil

Electrical component manufacturers rapidly pot their products with non-conductive material. This offers robustness to the product and make it safer for consumer. Electrical devices are built with sensitive components and with potting, manufacturers make them immobilize. This further helps them in making the device more robust and resistant to mechanical shock and abrasion.

High voltages can be a safety hazard, so potting material’s electrical isolation property prevents accidental electrical short circuits that can result in fire incident, fatalities, or injuries.

  1. Reconnecting the primary winding leads to the AC power cord

This is an additional step included in the troubleshooting process as the soldered connections may have been damaged by first step. Regardless of the time when leads were damaged or distorted, the connections were broken when inspected without potting material across the primary winding.

  1. Apply power to the transformer and check proper operation

Output Connector Story

Inspection of the lamp’s transformer revealed the damaged done to the output connector. However, when you see from the outside, you won’t find any disorder, but initially the connector has been fractured. This makes transformer unable to perform and function properly. You can hire some technicians if you are unable to perform Transformers repairing job your own.

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How You Can Sustain Your Transformer Spares Good Condition?

Here we will explain how to maintain and use transformer bushings. In general, there are two designs of bushings used on transformers- solid porcelain bushings on smaller transformers and oil-filled condenser bushings used on larger transformers.

Transformer Spares

Solid porcelain bushings contain high-grade porcelain cylinders that conductors pass through. Outside surfaces have a series of skirts that helps in increasing the leakage path distance to the grounded metal case. Bushings made for high voltage are usually oil-filled condenser type. These bushings have a central conductor wound with alternating layers of paper insulation and tin foil. You can fill it up with insulating oil.

Each layer is intended to offer exact equal voltage drops between each condenser layer. Acceptance and regular maintenance tests are often considered for checking the bushings condition. The power factor of a bushing in good condition will render stability throughout the service life.

You should appoint champions to proceed motor program. Transformer motor is critical and you must maintain it carefully. Other things you can do –

  • Procure an inventory of spares – By maintaining the spares inventory, you can easily maintain the components.
  • Perform periodic OEM inspection – It is always great to have OEM engineers or maintenance specialists to check motors. With their assistance, you can determine the flaws in the motor and get it repair by professionals only.
  • Maintain proper cooling airflow– Motors and generators create a lot of heat waste that can damage the transformer spares. If you are operating a transformer, you must ensure that clean, pure air is flowing through plant motors.

Royal transformers manufacturers offer Transformer spares at best rates. You can collect the comprehensive range of spares from their store, that is available online and offline platform. For bulk orders, you can write to the customer support desk and they will respond you within 24 hours. Get your free quote today!

Exporters Of Power Transformers From India Sharing Cooling Methods Of Transformer

transformersThe cooling arrangement of the transformer varies according to the size and capacity of the transformer. When both the capacity and size increased, the arrangement becomes extra powerful and sophisticated. In other words, transformer cooling system us an arrangement intended for power transformers that limits the released heat into a safe value with proper dissipation of generated heat.

Power transformers exporters in India supply distinct range of cooling systems for different transformers (mainly dry type transformers and oil immersed type transformers).

In dry type transformers, air is used as a coolant whereas in oil filled transformers, both air and transformer oil are used as the coolant medium. Different types of cooling methods used for transformers are as follows-

  1.Air Natural Type

This cooling method is used in dry type transformer that is having smaller ratings. This technique uses natural air, which is circulated inside the system to eliminate generated heat. These transformers are also known as self-cooled transformers in the market. This type of cooling system offers satisfactory operation, but it is limited to low voltage transformers only.

  2.Air Forced Type

This type of cooling method is used in dry type transformer and can be used in oil filled transformer as well. In this method, cool air with extreme pressure is provided to the core. The high speed fans installed in the system produce high velocity of air to the transformer.

  3.Oil Natural Air Natural Cooling (ONAN)

This system is used in oil immersed type transformers. This is the easiest method to cool down the oil immersed transformers.

  4.Oil Natural Air forced (ONAF)

Air is forcefully applied to the transformer, which is produced by high speed fans equipped inside the transformer.

  5.Oil Forced Air Forced (OFAF)

Big oil immersed transformers release more heat and for these transformers, special cooling techniques are introduced by the experts. Oil forced air forced cooling system includes both oil and air that are circulated at high speed by some extra configuration.

All these methods are specifically used for a specialized transformer device. Exporters of power transformers India have shared this information just to make the users aware of these techniques to cool down their transformer devices.

What Is A Major Concern Of Indian Transformer Manufacturers?

disDifferent sectors across the world share a growing concern regarding reliability of the transformers. Transformers manufacturers (India) do not limit their products supply to power generation authorities only. There are more industries that require a comprehensive range of transformers to run various processes without any break. Reliability is what every client expects from the manufacturers as transformer is a complex device and to maintain it, clients need reliable manufacturing unit that can ensure perfect high performing transformer at least rate.

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Furnace Transformers – One Of The Specific Industrial Transformers Offered By Indian Manufacturers

There are thousands of industrial applications and equipments that require certain industrial transformers for using power electricity as a major production resource. Furnace transformers India are one of such industrial based transformers that are highly sophisticated and intended by manufacturers as per the standards and safety measures issued by authentic bodies. At present, furnace transformers manufacturing companies are supplying two designs – electric arc furnace transformers and DC electric arc furnace transformers.images3 Continue reading

For What Reasons Servicing Points Perform Transformer Oil Filtration

transformersWith increasing rating requirements of latest transformers and power equipments, insulating material and fluids are experiencing the greater electrical stress. To manage such greater stress, it is important to have good electric strength for transformer oil along with lower water residue. When user takes help of transformer oil filtration method whenever required, he promotes long life and efficiency of the machine. Timely and proper treatment and maintenance of these insulating fluids enhance the properties of the entire power transformers’ insulating system.

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What Are The Advantages Of On Line Transformer Oil Filtration?

Tranultra-high-vacuum-oil-filter-Bsformer maintenance and services centers maintain high quality in every process of the equipment manufactured. They use technology for treating oil with on line transformer oil filtration technique to sustain excellent performance, utmost safety, and ease of operation of the transformer.

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