Furnace Transformers – One Of The Specific Industrial Transformers Offered By Indian Manufacturers

There are thousands of industrial applications and equipments that require certain industrial transformers for using power electricity as a major production resource. Furnace transformers India are one of such industrial based transformers that are highly sophisticated and intended by manufacturers as per the standards and safety measures issued by authentic bodies. At present, furnace transformers manufacturing companies are supplying two designs – electric arc furnace transformers and DC electric arc furnace transformers.images3Electric Arc Furnace Transformers

Electric Arc Furnace is used for making steel components. The furnace is majorly split into three sections-
•    The Shell – contains sidewalls and lower steel “bowl”
•    The Hearth – contains refractory
•    The roof-  supports the refractory delta

To run this furnace, foundries use specialized transformers that supply power to perform operations inside the furnace. AC furnace uses three-phase electrical supply and has three electrodes. These electrodes are round and segmented with threaded couplings.

Foundries Often Use Arc Furnaces For Steelmaking For Several Reasons
•    They can use 100% scrap metal as a feed material while using EAF
•    Less energy is used to produce steel components.
•    Flexibility is there

So, due to these benefits, majority of foundries rely on arc furnaces for steelmaking and thus, they source arc furnaces transformers from the manufacturing outlet. These special transformers are intended to withstand repeated short-circuit circumstances and extreme thermal stress. Also, arc furnaces transformers are protected against operational overvoltage.

DC Electric Arc Furnace Transformers

DC EAF transformers are being used by industries for many furnace processes and applications. These types of transformers are specially intended for steel furnaces with Thyristor rectifier. User can perform with DC EAF transformer under severe conditions.

Royal transformers manufacturers are here to welcome queries for made in India furnace transformers range. You can book your order for different transformers you required for your operations and applications. These manufacturers are genuine suppliers of approved and tested transformers models.

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Thanks for your time. Do visit this blog for more updates regarding transformers.


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