What Causes Failure In Distribution Transformer? How Rectify The Issue?

There are plenty of reasons causing distribution transformer failure. Indian manufacturers take various steps as remedial measures in order to maintain transformers and keep them in working condition. We will read about those factors and remedial actions that Indian distribution transformers take at their units.

Distribution Transformer

  1. Vandalism – It is an action that deliberately damages the asset. Vandalism of distribution transformer occurs due to unsecured substation and lack of awareness among the public.

You can fix it by proper fencing and use gate with a lock if needed. Apply Danger plate in the substation and aware public through media and meetings.

  1. Lack of testing – When you ignore regular testing of the transformer for any reason like non availability of earth tester, oil testing kit or anything else. When you are not taking regular ceck ups. When you are lacking in staff.

You can solve this issue by providing megger, tong tester, and earth tester in each sub division along with oil filter machine and oil testing kit. The schedules for testing transformer should be compiled and implemented. You can outsource the testing job.

  1. Overrated fuses

It happens due to unavailability of rated fuse. And when field staff ignores the appropriate ratings of the fuse and use conductor as fuse.

You can fix it with prompt requisition and fuse procurement. You can provide training to the staff and tell them about using fuse, its correct size, and implications of overrating. It is important to not encourage them to use conductor as fuse wire.

  1. Transformer burning

It happens due to leakage of oil at terminals. Short circuit could be another reason behind burning of the transformer.

You can save your transformer by proper tightening the terminal connections. You can also use apt size of lugs.

These are a few things causing transformer failure. Proficient engineers working in manufacturing units have just shared tips to treat the issues and save your transformer from sudden or premature failure. For more details, you can Distribution transformers India makers.


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