Properties of Transformer Oil you should know for Filtration


Transformer oil is one the significant component in oil filled transformers. Transformers oil filtration experts determine the life expectancy and efficient performance of the transformer on the basis of the oil used in the device. The oil serves two critical functions :

  • It creates an acceptable level of insulation when combined with insulating materials used in the coils and conductors.
  • Transformer oil also serve the purpose of coolant that absorb heat from the core and the windings

Manufacturers use hydrocarbon mineral oil for transformer. The insulating oil is usually obtained by fractional distillation and successive treatment of crude petroleum. This is why it is known as mineral insulating oil. It preserves the winding and core as these are completely immersed in the oil and it prevents direct contact of oxygen present in environment with cellulose made paper insulation of windings as it is prone to oxidation.

Types of transformer oil used by experts-

There are two types of transformer oil used by engineers-

  1. Paraffin based transformer oil
  2. Naphtha based transformer oil

Naphtha is more likely to oxidize as compared to paraffin oil. However, the oxidation product that is sludge present in naphtha oil is more soluble than paraffin oil. This is why sludge of naphtha based oil is not gathered at the bottom of the device.

Paraffin based oil has disadvantages but still people use it for transformer due to its easy availability.

Different parameters of transformer oil are-

  • Electrical parameters
  • Chemical parameters
  • Physical parameters

Electrical parameters include specific resistance, dielectric strength, and dielectric dissipation factor.

Chemical parameters include acidity, sludge content, and water content.

Physical parameters include viscosity, inter facial tension, pour point, and flash point.

Dielectric strength of transformer oil is called breakdown voltage of transformer oil. To measure break down voltage of transformer oil, manufacturers provide a portable kit to the clients. In this kit, oil is kept in a pot in which a pair of electrodes is fixed with a gap of 2.5mm between them. In some kits, this gap can be 4mm.

Royal transformers manufacturers are providing effective and best transformer oil filtration services worldwide. You can anytime bring your transformer oil for testing to Royal Transformers team and get accurate results at decided timeline. This article was issued by the team of engineers to make you learn about the properties of transformer oil.


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