Which Parts are Installed in Power Transformers by Indian Exporters and Manufacturers?


Transformer is not a mere device; it is a house of various components installed by power transformers exporters India. These components work together to transfer electricity from one circuit to another with electromagnetic induction. The device is used for stepping up or stepping down the voltage levels at domestic or business site. There are many parts that complete the design of a transformer. These basics components are made with precision material to provide long life and corrosion protection. Read this story further to know about the parts used in transformers.

  1. Laminated core

Laminated core installed in a power transformer helps support the transformer windings. It also provides a low reluctance path to the magnetic flux flow. Laminated core are designed with soft iron core to lower the eddy current loss and Hysteresis loss.

The composition of transformer core relies on such factors like current, voltage, and frequency. Its diameter is directly proportional to copper loss and is inversely proportion to the Fe (iron) loss.

  1. Windings

As you know, a power transformer has two windings- primary and secondary. Windings have several turns of copper coils bundled together and every bundle is connected in series to create a winding. You can also categorize them in two different ways- one is based on the input and output supply, other this based on voltage range.

The supply windings are primary and secondary ones. And voltage range windings are high voltage winding or low voltage winding.

  1. Insulating materials

Card boards and insulating papers are used by manufacturers while constructing a transformer of to isolate primary and secondary winding from transformer core and from each other. You can also include transformer oil in the insulating materials list.

  1. Transformer oil

There are two significant roles played by transformer oil. It is the insulation and cooling for the core and coil assembly. It is important to immerse the core and windings in the oil completely. Usually, hydrocarbon mineral oils are used by experts as transformer oil.

Oil contamination is a serious issue as it takes off the dielectric properties and make the transformer useless thing.

  1. Conservator

It conserves the transformer oil. Conservator is an airtight metallic cylindrical drum that is equipped above the transformer. This component is connected to the main tank inside the transformer that is full of transformer oil.

So, these are some basic components installed in a transformer. There are a few more parts like cooling tubes, tap changer, explosion vent, etc. that are installed in every transformer device by Power Transformers exporters India. For more details about the design and model, contact the proficient expert manufacturers today.


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