Best On Line Transformer Oil Filtration Treatment Is There For You

During the manufacturing and production process of electrical components and equipment like transformers, switch gears, etc. the use of insulating oils like mineral transformer oil is a must thing. The dialectical properties of mineral oil may differ on the basis of moisture, gas, suspended particles and other visible/invisible contaminants. Even when the oil is packed well, it absorbs some gas and moisture. This is why experts recommend reconditioning of oil prior using it for transformer.

Purification and treatment of oil is vital process as you need to expel the absorbed gas and moisture content from the oil to avoid premature failure of the transformer. Manufacturing units in the market are producing a variety of plants for the purification and reconditioning of the transformer oil. Such plants cater the range of low, medium, high, and extra high voltage equipments like transformers.


These manufacturing units and foundries always focus on the needs and specifications of the user and thus, all the plants are customized accordingly. The plants intended for the purpose of removing contaminants from the mineral oil perform certain operations-

  • Removal of suspended particles act like contaminants using filtering process
  • Degassing
  • Dehumidification
  • Flushing and cleaning of the device
  • De-acidification

What type of equipment manufacturing units are using to form plants?

There are total eight components that foundry engineers intend and design for making plant that treats mineral oil of the transformer.

  • Degassing chamber- it is a vacuum chamber intended with special packed columns to degas the oil. Degassing of oil can involve single or multiple stages in process.
  • Filters – These are easy to remove cartridge filters or back flushable edge filters used for filtering mineral oil. These cartridges are able to filter small to micron size particles in the oil.
  • Vacuum pumping system – Manufacturers use quality high vacuum pumps and accessories to intend vacuum pumping system.
  • Heating system– Heating system is a tube and shell constructed, indirect design that performs as a gentle heating exchanger.
  • Inlet pump – It is a vacuum tight pump with hassle-free positive displacement.
  • Valves– These are vacuum-tight automatic, manual, and anti-suckback valves used in filtration plants.
  • Control panel– Centralized control panel equipped with electrical switch gear.

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This article is published in order to make you aware why Transformers oil filtration is the best process to purify or treat your mineral oil of transformer. For feedback, you can make comments below. Thanks for your time.