Know the Best Upgrading Process for Power Transformer


Growing population and settling of number of industries in distinct countries generating huge requirement for electrical energy. Power transformers India power transmitting equipments to meet electricity needs. It is not always used in the same place that it is produced, which means long-distance transmission lines and distribution systems are a must have product.

If you own any transformer and it is 10 to 15 years old, you have to take proactive steps to save maintenance and utility costs. There are rare cases of breakdown of power transformer. But when it happens, the results are devastating and instant. So, it is important for you to know the best upgrading process for your power transformer. Let’s discuss them-

  • Determining the robustness of transformer

Prior installation of transformer, you need to acknowledge yourself about the build, design and materials used for constructing a transformer. The common types of transformers are liquid filled and dry type transformers.

The liquid or oil filled transformer uses coolant or any other similar liquid whereas the dry type range of transformer uses air. Dry type range possesses less chance of fire and leakage risk. It is the coil of the transformer that affects the robustness. The best robust model has round disc-wound coil. These transformers stay cooler, run without noise, and offer less risk of short circuit and are energy efficient as compared to others.

The round design of the transformer is more reliable and efficient and this is why it consumes less electricity.

  • Money saving with remanufacturing

Just in case you are financially weak or you don’t want to spend more amount on new transformer, you can also think about remanufacturing. In case you are buying a reconditioned transformer, do ensure you buy it from a genuine vendor. There should be a complete rewinding of the primary and secondary coils and with brand new low and high voltage bus bars. You can keep the original core 90% of the time, and replace it occasionally because older steel offers less efficient performance as compared to modern core materials.

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Exporters Of Power Transformers From India Sharing Cooling Methods Of Transformer

transformersThe cooling arrangement of the transformer varies according to the size and capacity of the transformer. When both the capacity and size increased, the arrangement becomes extra powerful and sophisticated. In other words, transformer cooling system us an arrangement intended for power transformers that limits the released heat into a safe value with proper dissipation of generated heat.

Power transformers exporters in India supply distinct range of cooling systems for different transformers (mainly dry type transformers and oil immersed type transformers).

In dry type transformers, air is used as a coolant whereas in oil filled transformers, both air and transformer oil are used as the coolant medium. Different types of cooling methods used for transformers are as follows-

  1.Air Natural Type

This cooling method is used in dry type transformer that is having smaller ratings. This technique uses natural air, which is circulated inside the system to eliminate generated heat. These transformers are also known as self-cooled transformers in the market. This type of cooling system offers satisfactory operation, but it is limited to low voltage transformers only.

  2.Air Forced Type

This type of cooling method is used in dry type transformer and can be used in oil filled transformer as well. In this method, cool air with extreme pressure is provided to the core. The high speed fans installed in the system produce high velocity of air to the transformer.

  3.Oil Natural Air Natural Cooling (ONAN)

This system is used in oil immersed type transformers. This is the easiest method to cool down the oil immersed transformers.

  4.Oil Natural Air forced (ONAF)

Air is forcefully applied to the transformer, which is produced by high speed fans equipped inside the transformer.

  5.Oil Forced Air Forced (OFAF)

Big oil immersed transformers release more heat and for these transformers, special cooling techniques are introduced by the experts. Oil forced air forced cooling system includes both oil and air that are circulated at high speed by some extra configuration.

All these methods are specifically used for a specialized transformer device. Exporters of power transformers India have shared this information just to make the users aware of these techniques to cool down their transformer devices.