Transformer Repairing Of Burner – How It Works?

repairing_transformerSometimes it may be happen that transformers you use in different kind of appliances did not work properly but it does not mean that you have to change that part because it is quite difficult. We can use transformer repairing technique. Like Transformers makes sparks to lighten up the burner. Due to improper working of transformers, burner may not be lightening up. Then we have few pointers to make it in a very easy manner.

To check or repair the ignition transformer, you have to loosen the screws and hold it down. You have to flip the tabs and press the restart button. When motor starts, one has to listen the spark on the electrodes produced by pulling on the transformers. Spark on the electrodes jump a gap of ¼. This spark in the transformers is very hot in nature so work safely. Transformer need to change if there is yellow or orange sparks but if blue and white spark is jumping in the transformer then there is no need to replace it.

Transformers oil filtration also consist the changing of transformer. Firstly we have to turn off the power switch of the burner so that there is no chance of any accident. Flip the transformer of the burner all the way open to change it. Two screws are bounded at the back of transformers. Protector relay must be removed from the junction box and wires are separated from it. Now connect the wires with the new transformer on the same spot and place those two screws over it. Now start up the burner again and try to lighten up this (burner). Reset button must be pushed if burner is not lighting up. Continuous troubleshoot will help you to start it. In case, if it is not working properly then we have to call for professional help.

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