How You Can Sustain Your Transformer Spares Good Condition?

Here we will explain how to maintain and use transformer bushings. In general, there are two designs of bushings used on transformers- solid porcelain bushings on smaller transformers and oil-filled condenser bushings used on larger transformers.

Transformer Spares

Solid porcelain bushings contain high-grade porcelain cylinders that conductors pass through. Outside surfaces have a series of skirts that helps in increasing the leakage path distance to the grounded metal case. Bushings made for high voltage are usually oil-filled condenser type. These bushings have a central conductor wound with alternating layers of paper insulation and tin foil. You can fill it up with insulating oil.

Each layer is intended to offer exact equal voltage drops between each condenser layer. Acceptance and regular maintenance tests are often considered for checking the bushings condition. The power factor of a bushing in good condition will render stability throughout the service life.

You should appoint champions to proceed motor program. Transformer motor is critical and you must maintain it carefully. Other things you can do –

  • Procure an inventory of spares – By maintaining the spares inventory, you can easily maintain the components.
  • Perform periodic OEM inspection – It is always great to have OEM engineers or maintenance specialists to check motors. With their assistance, you can determine the flaws in the motor and get it repair by professionals only.
  • Maintain proper cooling airflow– Motors and generators create a lot of heat waste that can damage the transformer spares. If you are operating a transformer, you must ensure that clean, pure air is flowing through plant motors.

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